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360 Logistics Group was founded in 1978 and traded under the name Customs Agents Wellington for 35 years until it was re-branded in 2013.

Initially operating as a customs agency and sales tax/import licensing consultancy firm, the Customs Agents Wellington brand was conceptualised through the use of the original NZ Customs Department stamp that was used in daily transactions. In early days of trading before the electronic age, Customs would stamp and sign delivery orders for all import consignments which then had to be physically presented at the wharf or airport to enable uplift of the goods. This action ignited the future brand of the company; a traditional stamp outline with name Customs Agents Wellington positioned inside the circle.

As the business developed, fundamental business philosophies remained the same and as a result, a loyal customer base was established throughout New Zealand and Australia. As these long standing customers achieved success in their respective industries, Customs Agents Wellington experienced success and growth which eventually led to a brand misalignment both in terms of service offerings and geographical location.

In 2013, our new branch opened in Invercargill and our focus is now moving to the expansion of our Auckland operation. With these changes it was agreed that a new identity was required to better represent the specialty skills and knowledge held within the business. The history and values that underpin the organisation are vital to the organisation so a comprehensive image and branding review was conducted to incorporate the following key elements:

  • Retain a link to the legacy brand through colours and logo design
  • Reflect the national operation of the organisation
  • Describe concisely the wider industry we operate in and related services
  • Modernise and enhance the brand to reflect our innovative business practices

Now that the project is completed, 360 Logistics Group will continue to provide exceptional service and value through increased resource and customer service support, the provision of new value-add logistics capabilities and newly improved technologies.