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Supply Chain Auditing

360 Logistics employs a highly skilled group of people who have experience across most sectors in outsourced logistics and supply chain management. We also have individuals who have expertise in the analysis and auditing of existing supply chains to identify problem areas relative to cost and efficiency. To further support our in house resource, we have established strong networks in specific areas of supply chain management who when required can provide necessary input and speciality knowledge.

We work closely with our customers to map out existing supply chain and vendor relationships and then conduct reviews of existing process flow ranging from offshore purchasing to end customer fulfilment. This process is particularly useful for importers who wish to enhance their existing supply chain model, or establish an entirely new supply chain network.

Three stages of a Supply Chain Audit

  • The analysis stage of a supply chain audit is to provide a framework for later supply chain model comparison, and to identify key areas within the current process that may have an impact on the overall supply chain effectiveness. This task of collating data and information gathering can later be used to build a visual process flow to demonstrate key areas requiring improvement.

  • Post the analysis stage, the existing or anticipated supply chain is broken down into manageable sections for auditing. This stage is likely to consist of all or some of the below categories:
    • Origin Services
    • International freight
    • Inbound multi modal national freight
    • Distribution Centre
    • National distribution
    • International Distribution
    • Customer management
    • Reverse Logistics

  • Post the audit stage, scenario planning is conducted and alternative models are designed and then compared to the existing supply chain. From this stage recommendations are made and 360 Logistics will advise on a suitable course of action (including implementation and change management if required).

Every supply chain is different so audits are assessed on requirements and quoted prior to commencement. Throughout the process all of Trade Facilitation, International Freight and Third Party Logistics service offerings will be made available to support the supply chain audit. For more information on these services, please follow the links below:

If you would like more information on how we can assist your business, please contact us